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    Marty Lancton is a State Certified Firefighter in the state of Texas since 2000. Based in Houston, Marty has spent more than two decades building and refining his experience as a business owner, board member, and partner, as well as President and vice president of multiple unions.

    Presently in his career, Marty Lancton is serving as the President of the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association, the third-largest in the nation, a position he’s held since he was elected to the role in 2016. Additionally, since 2015, Marty has served as Chairman of the Board on the Executive Board for Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association Charitable Foundation.


    One of the main things that Marty Lancton is incredibly passionate about is his dedication to giving back to his community. The Red Hot Gala is a Houston-based charitable foundation that Marty founded that has grown exponentially in four years. Over just four years, the Red Hot Gala grew to raise almost 2 million dollars. Not only that, but Marty also works a lot with the Houston Professional Firefighters Association Charitable Foundation, wherein Marty gives back to the firefighters in his community.


    Marty Lancton is also a firm believer in servant leadership. He believes that – in life – you should give more than you take, investing in the motto “Men for Others.” He acknowledges the absolute necessity of unity and speaking truth to power.


    When he isn’t busy with his career in public service, Marty Lancton likes to unwind by watching sports. A fan of Houston-based teams, he particularly enjoys baseball – where he cheers for the Astros – and basketball – where he roots for the Rockets. Marty finds sports to be a fun and entertaining pastime.

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